Tuesday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time  

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On the day of 14 October
Today is the feast day of Saint Callistus I, who was born a slave and grew to become a Pope. He is most renowned for the reconciliation of sinners, who following a period of penance, were re-admitted to communion with the Church. He was a martyr for the faith.

Saint/Feast of the day copied from the USCCB web page.

Now I know that when I am confused, I just need to read ahead. Today's reading makes a lot more sense to me than yesterday's, even though Paul is talking about the same thing, isn't he? He wants new Christians to not worry about the old Jewish law. Paul feels that since Christ leveled the playing field to let gentiles in , they don't have to be bound by cultural laws that bound the Jews. Am I getting any closer? Is this why modern Christians can choose to circumcise or not, and don't have to stick to eating kosher foods? Anyone... Anyone?

So, this passage really reinforces Paul's little speech, doesn't it? A lot of the prophets in the Old Testament talk about the observance of the law in action but with no sense of worship behind it. I wonder if this is one of the issues that Jesus, and later Paul, was trying to reform?

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